During my travels I met someone who told me a story. He had once been a very successful businessman but became blinded by greed, money, and women. He spent a great deal of his life battling alcohol addiction and as a result lost everything to debt and nearly destroyed his relationship with his children. After hitting rock bottom and turning his life around, he discovered a new-found happiness and gratitude for life. In fact, one day a complete stranger stopped him in the middle of the streets because she could see angels all around him.

Now, I will confess a secret. There are days when I don’t always feel beautiful or brave or confident or like the person I want to be or know I am; that’s normal, that’s human, but on those days in particular, I like to pretend that when eyes follow or faces stare it’s not because they can see my insecurities, it’s because they can see my angels.

Kuopio, Finland.

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