A Noisy World

The world can be noisy. We are constantly exposed to those who have achieved wealth, fame, romance, and a life bountiful with adventure and excitement. Suddenly we feel dull and insignificant because surely there are more talented, more successful, more beautiful, smarter, funnier, and happier human beings who possess extraordinary qualities that we don’t. They are constant reminders of all the things we could be doing better, differently, and even, of all the things we are doing wrong. They are what we wish we were, and to be the best version of ourselves, we must be more like them.

I wish I could say that the noise didn’t affect me anymore, but some days it’s louder than others and when it is, it has the power to steer me from my own path and onto someone else’s; that is when I lose myself thinking I need to be someone that I am not. But in the end, I know that every step, whether on my own path or an already beaten trail, is still a integral part of my individual journey. Knowing this does not eliminate the noise entirely, but it does turn it down quite a bit.

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