New Adventures For 2020

I would like to apologize as it has been about four months since I’ve posted. And most shamefully, despite having shared so little, quite a lot has changed.

As of January 4th, I moved to Kuopio, Finland to compete with KuPS, “Koops” as they pronounce it, Professional Women’s Football Club for the 2020 season. Words cannot express how amazing it has already been despite the jet lag. Today is the first day, after eight days, that my head is not ensnared in a cloud. Partially due to the four hours of daylight and the 20 hours of pure and utter darkness from being so far north. My brain wasn't been able to determine when to be awake, when to rest, and occasionally, chose to forgo sleep altogether.

I always say this, but that’s because I mean it. Whether it has been with soccer, photojournalism, travels, or anything else related for that matter, the support I’ve received still leaves me speechless. As much as I would love to mention individual names, the list would be far too long. Instead, I hope my gratitude can be felt through these words, through the screen, and through a sincere thank you.

Although I post far less frequently, I am working harder than ever on a few personal projects that I intend to share one day soon. Until then, I will do my best to post updates as often as possible, but perhaps, just slightly less often than before.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2020. Sending all my love.

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