Following the Breadcrumbs Home

For the longest time, I had this inner yearning to be elsewhere. An ever-churning cry to go, leave, discover, explore; but I didn’t know where, when, or why. I left it up to the world. Hoping she would leave a trail of breadcrumbs to which I could follow. A series of cues and clues masked within the trivial game of life itself; every human harboring a piece of the riddle, every place imprinted with a paw print of ideas, and every day laced with a delicate veil of opportunity to discover where I was meant to go, but most importantly, who I was meant to be.

The world; she is a clever one. Extraordinarily beautiful in ways that the mere use of words fail to encapsulate entirely. When I think about these past eight months, let alone these past two years, my thoughts of gratitude are endless. These breadcrumbs have guided my hungry nose through disheveled grasses of untamed adventure, illuminated my mind across oceans of uncharted curiosity, and feasted my eyes down wells of infinite possibility, to which the sound of a dropped coin never echoes at the bottom, concluding that there is a limit, an end, a moment in time when anticipation dies and the magic is gone.

Above everything, the most rewarding conquest was shedding the dark curtains of doubt, fear, uncertainty, anger, self-abuse, and inner turmoil.

Finding this light, this glorious beacon of light, was like a quenching glass of lemonade on a scorching summer’s day, or the enchanting sound of music after weeks spent in silence. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment my foot stepped into the dark forest, but I know exactly when it stepped out. To say there’s nothing left inside to conquer would be humorously optimistic, but I’m hopeful that the hardest part of the journey is over.

To that, my inner compass is unmistakably steered towards those I love more than anything and to the bed I waved goodbye to over two years ago. It’s time to go home, rest, recover, compile many ambitious projects together, and plan for extraordinary adventures in the future.

Better yet— prepare to follow a new trail of breadcrumbs and see where the world will take me next.

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