Taking A Rest in Malaysia

Travel fatigue is real. I knew something was off when the thought of going home wouldn’t escape my mind. The bags under my eyes were as deep as the Grand Canyon and names like “Gabby” or “Drew” had become a trivial task to remember. I was losing things right and left, even things I left in plane sight to ensure that I would not forget. I wanted to cry about almost everything even when nothing was wrong, but most noticeably, I just wanted home.

Sometimes my passion to explore the entirety of this world drives me to test my body’s limits in unhealthy ways with sleep usually being the first to go. It wasn’t until I reached a breaking point that I discovered the monumental flaw in this strategy.

For the past couple of days I have taken a brief intermission to prioritize my mental and physical health. Recognizing the importance of quality sleep, food, and time spent doing nothing. Watching movies, reading books, enjoying good company, long runs, cooking meals, and even wandering places without a camera.

However, in a few days I will continue where I left off. Exploring remote corners of the world and chasing personal dreams. The support has been truly wonderful and some of your messages leave me speechless. Lots to look forward to and so little time to plan but you will be hearing from me soon. :)

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