The Best Adventures

I find that the best adventures strike when you least expect it. There’s no way of telling of what’s to come until we stop dipping our toes in the water and take a blind leap of faith. It can be scary. Foregoing routine in exchange for spontaneity, eliminating comfort to seek extraordinary, and prying at the cement walls that have guarded our hearts for too long now.

In January 2019 I left behind the world that I once knew in pursuit of happiness. Of all the crazy adventures thus far, my favorite has been this ever-growing feeling of gratitude. Gratitude and a humbled appreciation for good food, gratitude for genuine people, gratitude for a bed to sleep on and a roof over my head, gratitude for the friends that I’ve made, the ones that I’ve loved, and those who taught me valuable lessons, good and bad. Gratitude for those willing to share their life, introduce me to their world, and show me their passions. Gratitude for every breath, every step, and every day that I wake up knowing life is what I make it, and however I choose it to be.

Thank you to those who made these past two months unforgettable.

Here are a collection of my favorite memories from Hawaii that haven’t already been shared. So thankful for everyone that I met along the way.

Until next time…

My first hike on Oahu.

Kaelia Trail

Having this entire view to myself for hours.

Pali Puka

Meeting other adventurous individuals.

Ala Moana Park

Trail running with my best friends.

Hawaii Loa Ridge

One of the greatest virtual reality simulations that I have ever experienced. I highly, highly recommend visiting.

Chambers Escape Games located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Watching the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Sherwood Beach

Finding a new hike every day.

Three Peaks

Sharing the best parts of Oahu with my parents.

Tantalus Lookout

Meeting others who also appreciate such natural beauty.

Kuliouou Ridge

Having the entire beach to ourselves.

Watching my dad and brother overcome their fear of heights.

Three Peaks

Hiking with the coolest, most badass huskies that I have ever met.

Tom Tom Trail

My first sunrise on Oahu. That, I will never forget.

Waimanalo Beach

Having someone show you lesser known hikes that take your breath away.

Our endless adventures together.

Likeke Falls Trail

Capturing true, candid moments.

Kailua Beach

Exploring the island, one hike at a time.

Upper Makua Cave

Feeling humbled, grateful, and appreciative.

Seeing the relationship between my brother and I grow stronger.

Crouching Lion

Experiencing one of my favorite hikes with my dad.

Moanalua Valley

For more information on some of the trails, hikes, and locations not mentioned, please message me directly through social media or my about page.

Thank you :)

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