To Live A Quarter of a Century: Check

This post is a little late but I suppose turning 25 deserves recognition for any knowledge that I may have acquired over the years.

Well, needless to say I am officially the oldest I have ever been, but strangely, this is the youngest I have ever felt. This past year of traveling abroad has opened my eyes to just how big the world really is. I am very grateful. Grateful in the sense that I finally understand what it means to chase your dreams, and believe me, it’s called chasing for a reason.

Although I believe that we were all born with a unique set of adversities to face, the fear of stepping outside of a comfort zone is very real. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to dive nose first into the deep end, but to start by simply dipping our big toe in the water initiates momentum.

I also think that sometimes we seek guidance from those whom we feel have discovered their purpose, but the truth is, everyday we are learning. We are always learning. Usually, the answers we so desperately seek already exist within ourselves. Perhaps we can be pointed in a better direction, but to truly understand our potential begins by prying at the invisible shackles bound to our ankles and wrists.

At times, the world isn’t always fair. While it’s necessary to remain aware of what cruel realities exist, it’s equally important to tread lightly. We can’t let fear shy us away from taking a leap of faith every now and again. Let ideas start small and watch as they grow. Soon, the wonders of this world begin to unfold before our very eyes. Undoubtedly, there will be a few setbacks, but the only doors that stay shut are the ones we give up trying to open.

My parents really have given me everything I needed to create the opportunities that I have and I cannot thank them enough for it. I’m sorry you had to endure those tumultuous years of my adolescence. I see now, and it is quite clear, that maybe you guys were too strict.

Joking, of course.

I have said this a million times and will say it a million times more, thank you for the endless support. My heart is being tugged in several directions these days but I’m excited to share any, and all adventures as they unfold.

Always more to come.


Turkistan, Kazakhstan. Photos taken by MyKaylin Rosenquist.

This was my "babushka" inspired outfit. Long dresses and head scarfs are more frequently worn by elder women and grandmothers in Kazakhstan. The perfect attire for my 25th birthday.


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