The Importance of Faith

I wondered why she was alone in such an eerie place. We were in a cemetery after all. She didn’t even notice that I took a picture. Afraid to disturb her train of thought, I tiptoed in the opposite direction. It’s as though curiosity, or an energy of some sort was furiously pulling me back. The thought would not escape me, I had to talk to her.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted tentatively, “Do you know if there is a park nearby?”

Surprisingly, her eyes lit up. She pointed me in a few directions but eventually finished with, ‘Here, let me show you.”

“It’s interesting,” she continued, “I was praying, just now. It has been a tough time for me so I came here to speak with God.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes. Sometimes I feel a little bit lost, but when I feel so, I try to find peace in God. The last few months have been very special for me because I have really felt his love.”

“Have you always had a close relationship with God?”

“Well, actually, it has been a process. Since I remember, I have always heard things about religion, and God. What is good, what is bad. One day, God changed everything and since then, religion has become a real thing for me."

We stopped in a local cafe for two glasses of lemonade. The restaurant was right off the corner of a neighboring village. Quaint, cozy, and quite busy for being slightly remote.

“You mentioned that your relationship with God has been a process, how so?” I continued.

“Well, there was a time in my life when I also liked all these kinds of parties and not really good things. In all these not right things, for me, now I see how God saved me from all the bad things that could have happened. After this, it makes you pay attention to how you act, how you think, how do make your mind clear. God has lots of ways to talk to people. ”

“You seem very happy now,” I observed.

“Life with him is the greatest thing. When I was a teenager, I didn’t want to show my true feelings. But now I’m trying to be real with myself, for God, and for other people. I don’t want to hide my feelings anymore.”

We started towards the bus station. Children were running around and the nearby skate park was loud with energy. Luckily, we turned to find a most spectacular sunset. So perfect, it’s as though someone had painted it by hand.

Lately, faith has become a huge part of my life. Faith that with the right attitude, mindset, and pursuit to be the best person you can, things will fall into place. There are still times when doubt crawls into the back of my mind, leaving me uncertain as to whether this is a self-fulfilling path; but that’s why I am so glad to have met Veronika. She reminded me that living with an open-heart, open-mind, and kindness means that happiness isn’t far behind.


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