'And We're Running!'

“Kaelyn! I have a question.”

“What is your question?”

“Can we play tag?”

“Yes we can, but first, I have a project. Can you help me?”

“Okay, I can help you!”

“I want to take beautiful pictures of Radviliskis, Lithuania.”


“Great! Let’s go!”

“Wait! Kaelyn, I have another question.”

“What is it?”

“Can we run?”

“I mean, yes, If you want.”


“Kaelyn, take a picture of this!”

“Are they your dogs?”

“No, but I like them!”

“Okay, I will take a picture of the dogs.”

“Did you get the picture?”

“Yes I did.”

“I know more beautiful places!”

“Alright, I will follow you.”


“Kaelyn, look at this swing!”

“Wow that’s a very nice swing.”

“I think it’s beautiful”

“I think so too.”

“Watch me jump off of it!”

“Wow! That was a very nice jump!”

“Do you like apples?”

“Yes I do.”

“Okay let’s get some apples. AND WE’RE RUNNING!”

“Kaelyn, come here, I will get you some apples.”

“You just pick them from the tree and eat them?”

“Yes. The apples here are the best. Try this one.”

“Wow, that was delicious!”

“Now I will get you some blueberries.”

“I like blueberries.”

“Shhh… Kaelyn, you’re talking too loud. Be quiet”

“Why do I need to be quiet?”

“Because I am robbing.”

“Robbing?! Robbing who?”

“My neighbor. It’s okay, he is nice.”

“That’s probably not a good thing to be doing though.”

“It’s just one time. I promise.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Wait. What is your name again?”

“How did you forget? It’s Kaelyn.”

“Oh, yea. Kaelyn, can we play tag now?”

“Not yet. I need more pictures of beautiful places.”


“Great. Should we continue then?”


“Kaelyn, why aren’t you running?”

“We have been running all over, I’m tired now.”

“Hurry, you need to see my cat.”

“This is your cat?”

“Yes, she is our family cat.”

“Do you love her?”

“Yes, I love her very much.”

“Kaelyn, do you like mint?”

“Yes, I love mint.”

“Here! Take this mint. My mom grows it.”

“Thank you, but shouldn’t we ask your mom first?”

“No. My mom is a very nice lady. Here is some mint for your team!”

“Thank you, but my hands are full. I don’t need anymore.”

“Here, take this one too!”

“Okay, thank you, but that’s enough. I mean it.”

“Wait, wait! Kaelyn, here.”

“How am I supposed to carry all of this? You picked the whole bush.”

“Okay. I will give you more tomorrow.”



“I showed you some beautiful places.”

“You did. They were perfect.”

“ I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Can you play tag with us now?”

“Yes, I can play tag with you now.”


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