The Man Trying to Fill A Void (Part III of VI)

The Sugar Daddy Chronicles

Name: Rex

Age: 52

Relationship Status: Open Relationship

Occupation: Physician

Annual Income: US $500,000

Children: Yes

Rex initially reached out over email expressing interest to share his story. We exchanged contact information and agreed to meet for a leisurely stroll in the park. Despite having previously spoken over the phone, I had no idea who to look for. I assumed he was the unaccompanied gentleman sitting on the nearest park bench.

“Hello,” I began nervously, afraid to disrupt his train of thought. “Are you Rex?”

He looked up with curious eyes. “Indeed I am,” his tone soft, yet eloquent.

Our conversation progressed naturally and his professional disposition was comforting. Understandably, he affirmed several times that his anonymity is crucial.

Immediately he mentioned that throughout his marriage, he and his wife enjoyed the presence of other women during intimacy. Then one day she asked if she could enjoy the company of other men. This time alone. He was reluctant, but understood. To compromise, they proposed an open-relationship— on one condition; neither would discuss the details of their other partners.

“I don’t think I am following,” I hesitated. “How does that work, especially when you have children together?”

“Sometimes my wife will go on a ‘trip’ for a couple days. Other times, I will. Most times, we go together and turn it into a family vacation. On nights when she leaves, I watch the kids and vise versa. It varies. We don’t tell our children and we never know each other’s partners. There is a mutual respect because we both have different needs and desires.”

“Does that ever cause any problems with your marriage?”

“The biggest issue between us would be jealousy. Not knowing her activities and intimacies can be frustrating at times. But I know that this is what makes her happy. This is what makes her feel good.”

Rex also mentioned that most of the women he talks to are either married or in a relationship. They tend to offer the most discretion. He specifically avoids women who are only seeking payment or financial assistance.

“I find females to be very interesting. They are these different biological ‘things.’ I also have a sincere appreciation for people who are genuine, smart, and fun. You can find some pretty interesting women through unorthodox platforms and if the other person is also seeking a friendship, that’s when it really connects.”

“You sound happy,” I observed. “So what is your main purpose for wanting to meet other individuals through Seeking Arrangements?”

“I feel as though the void I am trying to fill is a lack of emotional intimacy. I truly believe that the company of women adds another dimension to my life. They just want someone who will listen. Sometimes they need help finding the strength to leave a toxic situation, such as a bad relationship. I am both willing to listen and mentor. I never provide money directly, but am open to helping a friend if she needs books or food. In the end, all the women I meet will be treated with love, respect, and dignity.”

We concluded the evening with a formal handshake and a friendly wave goodbye. Rex’s compassion for a profound human connection was oddly inspiring. It’s not everyday you come across someone who sincerely wants to develop meaningful relationships with those around them— despite being introduced in taboo and unexpected ways.


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