I'm Still Here!

Traveling is always exciting, but traveling alone is an experience that both rewards and humbles you in so many ways. I remember waving goodbye to my team as we parted ways in the Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport like it was yesterday. I knew I needed to catch a train to the city, but it wasn’t until I was truly alone did I realize that—well— this was it. In fact, I was so nervous that I actually had to hide in a corner of the airport until I could regain some composure. All I knew was that I had to get from point A to point Z to meet a host I had never met, in a city that I had never seen. The “how” was what I needed to figure out.

This past month has been wonderful, crazy, and amazing in every way. As with any adventure, there was good, there was bad, but most importantly, there was undeniably spectacular. I have what feels like an infinite number of stories to share, but life is still go-go-go at the moment. I am afraid that rushing won’t do these stories justice. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support on my blog. The likes, comments, subscriptions, and shares never go unnoticed. In the meantime I will post what I can on Facebook, Instagram, and here. Links to all these pages can be found on the bottom or top of my website.

Thank you again and you’ll be hearing from me soon! :)


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