Contrasting Worlds

It was a very quiet park. Had my host, Luca, not led the way I never would have found this place. The sun was just beginning to set but we still had about an hour or two before the sky would become dark.

“I need to find my tree, it is my favorite tree,” He spoke through the sound of barking dogs and crunching leaves.

“Why is it your favorite tree?”

“Because I have so many memories with this tree. I love that tree, but I can’t find it.”

“Maybe because you’re sober this time?” I joked.

“Actually yea, exactly.”

From behind I watched as his dreads swayed from left to right. Some dreads had colorful yarn around them others had a sort of metal clip. I’ve never really noticed these details about someone’s hair before but suddenly I had an appreciation for this form of artistic expression.

“Ahh here it is, I am so happy I found it.” He exclaimed. “This good friend of mine discovered this tree and sometimes she was lost and just spending hours with this tree alone. Last time I was here was with her and my ex-girlfriend. I remember everything of that day. Since I woke up to the end of the day. I remember being here and when I was here with this tree I realized a lot stuff. Actually I was sitting there. I was realizing stuff at the time. This is a really good tree.”

Carefully he pulled out his blue music box and the material he would use to roll a cigarette. The air smelled like mixture of organic spices, cigarette, and perhaps a hint of marijuana. It wasn’t pleasant but by no means was it foul. Simply different.

“What music should I play?” His eyes wrinkled from the smile outlining on his face.

“Whatever you like, it’s your choice!”

Very peculiar sounds began to fill our small corner of the park. In fact, it was music I had never heard before. It was a combination between electronic dance music, reggae perhaps, and noises that made me feel as though I were in some sort of factory or metal scrap yard. He lowered his gladiator style goggles with immense contentment and danced as though nobody was watching.

As the sun began to set a breeze of crisp air brought shivers down my spine. I gazed off into the distance appreciative to be somewhere so disconnected to the rest of the world. From a-far I sat on a fallen tree watching as Luca attempted to juggle rocks, sticks, and whatever he could find. His stories of festivals and epiphanies he had under the influence of certain drugs was entertaining to say the least.

As the nightfall grew closer we made our way up to Bunkers for a different view. Side by side we stood and watched as the lingering colors of the sunset painted a beautiful silhouette over Tibidabo Park. It was in that exact moment that I realized we were two people whose worlds contrasted in so many ways, yet here we were, genuinely enjoying one another’s company.


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