A Selfless Soul

“I love my job. I work the lights for a theater company. I am in charge of figuring out what lights to use and how to set them up. One time I was so nervous before a show that my hands were shaking. I was afraid to push the wrong button. Actually, you and I have the same job. When the show is over and everyone is happy, then we are happy. Like winning a soccer game, It is a good feeling."

"This one, I saw it. It is a virus and she was a young artist. I say, ‘oh I like this, how much do you sell it for?’"

"She said, 'I don’t know, this is the first time someone asked me.'"

“She told me it was for twelve Euros. I told her no. I can’t buy it. That’s too cheap. I want to buy this one but I will give you 50 euros.”

"She didn’t understand, 'I just told you it’s twelve. Why do you want to give me 50?'"

"I said, 'For me, you are an artist. All art has a price. My price is a minimum of 50 euro. I bought two. I told her she is selling too cheap, she should sell bigger because I think she is very talented.'”

“I went to a lot of concerts, just for the music at first. When my friends were taking photos, I say, I can take photos too. I took some wonderful photos from David Bowie and a lot of good singers. There were just three photographers at the concert so all the people knew us. When an office makes a postcard or poster and wants my photos I say no. I don’t want to do it for the money, just for the pleasure. I gave away most of my pictures for free, but my friend sold a lot of his. My friend started going to the concerts for the money and not for the music. I don’t want to make money from that. If you work for the money, then your work won’t be the same. I like to do what I like for free. When it’s money, you change. You always will change. Sometimes when people ask me to do photos for a certain company, I always do it free. Always I say, you have to write my name, but sometimes they forget. It’s free, just give my name.”

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