What's Next?

I'm sure most people would agree that my decision to forgo spending the holidays with friends and family is crazy. Even I admit it’s a little crazy. Yes, the idea of running around sneaking shots of eggnog vodka, exchanging gifts, and spending time with loved ones sounds wonderful right now. However, the window of opportunity to travel throughout Europe doesn’t come around very often.

Years of saving money combined with an immeasurable thirst for adventure has had me planning this trip long before I knew it was truly possible. One cheap plane ticket led to another cheap plane ticket and before I knew it, I was set to visit nine countries over the course of a month. Understandably, I will only be visiting a fraction of what these countries have to offer but that is why my goal is not to see as much as possible, but to learn as much as possible from those I meet.

While I would love to share more about my plans and adventures, I think I will let this next month be a surprise. I have everything lined up from personal tours to working with photographers and photojournalists in countries I have only dreamed of exploring. How might you ask? Well I will let that mystery remain a secret. Through my narrative writing I will be sharing stories of what is inevitably going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

With a camera in hand every step of the way, I’m sure this will be a journey worth following along.

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