The Man Who Wants a Companion (Part I of VI.)

The Chronicles of A Sugar Daddy

The Man Who Wants a Companion

Name: Eugene (name has been changed to protect this person’s identity)

Age: 28

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Attorney

Annual Income: US $75,000

Children: No

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Beads of sweat trickled down my hands and the excitement of trying a new restaurant became shrouded by irrational doubts and uncertainty. After what felt like hours of aimless walking in Uptown Minneapolis, I finally found the popular sushi restaurant known as Origami. Without saying a word, the host gestured for me to follow. Somehow he already knew whom I would be meeting. After a quick game of follow the leader we stopped at a small table in the back. And there he was; his tall, hunched figure gazing over the menu.

“Here I go,” I thought to myself. “time to meet an infamous ‘sugar daddy.’”

The nerves calmed as our conversation progressed. It turns out, Eugene was new to the Minneapolis area and his Craigslist post looking for roommates was successful. Although his life primarily revolves around his career, he enjoys meeting new people, trying new restaurants, and exploring the city to the fullest.

Almost immediately we dove right into the topic of “arranged relationships.” Eugene has met with 12 women from a website touted as a way for people who are seeking arranged "relationships". Five eventually became intimate and three developed into relationships. First dates were routine to him. They meet at a restaurant, enjoy dinner and drinks, and if there is compatibility, extend the date with wine, massages, and movies back at his apartment.

“How do you know these relationships are sincere?” I asked. “Especially if you are giving them money?”

“Most of the women don’t actually want money,” he began. “They want adventure, to be pampered, and experience a type of wealth they cannot afford. I don’t see it as i’m paying for their time, but rather treating. Sometimes I will give women $50 gift cards or take them out to really nice dinners but very rarely do I hand them cash; I only did that once.”

I asked, “What brought you to this particular website?”

“I have never had that much luck dating and I struggle to approach women that I find attractive. Of all the dating sites I tried, this was by far the best. Between ‘OK Cupid,’ ‘Tinder,’ and ‘Christian Singles’ I only got one response for every 20 messages that I sent. Now, I probably get one response out of four.”

Out of all the relationships that developed through the website, his most recent heartbreak ended two weeks ago with a woman whom he had met through the website.

“I really cared about her,” Eugene continued. “I thought she cared about me too. She kept coming up with all these date ideas for us. One day out of nowhere, she told me things weren’t working. Twice, I sent her a text to see how she is doing and both times I didn’t hear back. I’m starting to wonder if i’ll ever hear from her again.”

After dinner, we proceeded to walk around Lake Calhoun. Eugene lowered his voice and waited for a nearby pedestrian to be out of earshot. He propped his elbow on the black railing and gazed pensively at the crippling water.

“I can’t help but wonder if she really liked me or if it was all an act. Maybe— someone better came along. Maybe— she found someone with more money.”

His eyes fixed on the kayakers passing by.

“I have come to learn that I probably won’t find a genuine connection on that website. I do enjoy the company of women but at this point, I am only seeking a friendship. I would hate to tell my parents how my girlfriend and I met online. That would be a little embarrassing.”

We concluded our interview with a chuckle.

Eugene certainly wasn't the stereotypical "sugar daddy" that I expected him to be. He was funny, engaging and quite personable. I found myself reflecting on the reasons why someone whom, by all appearances, with such conventional success would resort to using such an unconventional method to find his companion in life.

I found myself eagerly anticipating my next interview.

Coming Soon: "The Man Who Wants To Provide."

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