Along the Way

If my life had gone according to the plan I drew up when I was ten years old, then let me tell you this; I would be on the US Women’s National Soccer Team, living in California, driving a yellow convertible, and admiring the ocean front view from my penthouse suite. Never in a million years would I have guessed that at 23 I would be back at home with a photojournalism degree in my hand, working part-time at a "sub-par" golf course, and occasionally relying on my parent’s finances to get by. Sometimes I find myself asking what I could have done differently, but then again, that’s not being entirely realistic.

I have utilized this time for a lot of self-reflection. The process of trying to open as many doors as possible gifted me the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals. Individuals whom I would not have met had my life gone according to plan. I have been educated and introduced to worlds that have humbled me to my core.

We are all trying to find our purpose. Life is nothing more than a series obstacles, set backs, conquests, and uncertainties; but it’s how we react in the face of adversity that defines us. To everyone that has left a footprint in my life, this blog is dedicated to you. It’s not always about where we end up, but the experiences we share and the individuals we meet along the way.

Coming soon: A series of profiles told from the perspective of those who have chosen to share their story with me.

Uniquely told; equally thought-provoking; irrevocably humbling.

Along the way.

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